euroShell Fuel Cards

It’s All About Choice and The Right Solution

At The Fuelcard People, we understand that each business has its own individual requirements when it comes to refuelling its fleet. That’s why we offer four different Shell fuel card choices, one of which will be just right for your business.

Shell’s renowned diesel (derv), Shell FuelSave, is low in sulphur, has performance additives, and can deliver improved fuel economy, lower exhaust emissions, cleaner refuelling, and added protection and longevity for your fleet.

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euroShell Fuel Card Choices

With two pricing options and four products to choose from, we have a euroShell fuel card account to suit every business.

Fixed Price / Discount Fuel Cards

We monitor our Shell fuel prices daily to ensure that we remain competitive with other business fuel card suppliers, and continue to provide your organisation with diesel prices consistently below the average diesel pump price here in the UK.

The euroShell CRT fuel card

This card offers businesses a fixed diesel price, ideal for diesel fleets, including HGV and bus & coach. Save up to 4p per litre on your diesel purchases and 10p per litre at motorway service stations. euroShell CRT customers will be advised of their price each week by email, fax or SMS.

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euroShell European Fuel Card

Offers a fixed diesel price, ideal for businesses that have a fuel card for use in the UK, but require an additional option for refuelling when in Europe. Accepted in 35 countries, with purchase options for ferries, tolls and breakdown recovery, as well as VAT reclaim service.

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Pump Price Fuel Cards

euroShell single network fuel card

Provides businesses with a simple pump price option. It can be used at all Shell garages throughout the UK, making it ideal for mixed fleets needing diesel and petrol refuelling.

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euroShell multi-network fuel card

A pump price fuel card that gives businesses the option to also be able to use Texaco, Total and Esso service stations throughout the UK. The euroShell multi-network fuel card is ideal for diesel and petrol fleets where the widest network coverage is needed, as it is accepted at 3500+ sites across the UK.

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