purchase diesel exhaust additive with a fuel card 

Hauliers should  bear in mind that as of January 2014 saw the arrival of Euro VI, they need to think AdBlue®. Every other truck already needs AdBlue®, but the Euro VI’s tighter emissions standards means that it will be unavoidable with new trucks. Hauliers need to consider the most efficient way of procuring AdBlue® for their fleet.

AdBlue® is an aqueous solution of urea that is injected into the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) exhaust systems used with larger diesel engines. It reduces harmful NOx emissions, converting them into nitrogen and water. NOx emissions can be further reduced by exhaust gas recirculation, but not all HGVs have such technology.

don’t use cheap alternatives

Diesel exhaust additives should not be taken for granted, genuine AdBlue® is based on urea manufactured to ISO 22241, which may not always be the case with cheaper alternatives. An initial saving might prove to be a false economy. The Fuelcard People recommend that hauliers buy the real thing, topping up their tanks when they refuel so that they can use their normal fuel cards. Unfortunately, however, not all fuel cards can be used for AdBlue® purchase.

can you purchase Adblue® on your fuel card?

Hauliers are advised to check that their fuel cards cover AdBlue®. This removes unnecessary administration, because there is no need to collect and process receipts. If a haulier has the right fuel card, AdBlue® will appear as an item on their normal weekly invoice. Apart from the simplicity and lack of paperwork, the interval between topping up and payment will mean up to two weeks’ interest-free credit.

our Adblue® friendly fuelcards

We would recommend our BP, Shell, Esso, UK Fuels, Diesel Direct and Scania fuel cards to hauliers looking to purchase AdBlue®.

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