You sit with them for 8 hours a day, eat lunch together on a regular basis, and spend more time with them than your family, so what makes colleagues so difficult to buy presents for?

Turning into something of a workplace essential, the office Secret Santa is becoming more and more popular but that doesn’t mean it’s any easier to work out what to buy.

Almost a third of people have taken part in a ‘secret Santa’ in recent years and with an average spend of £7, the most popular gifts are socks, novelty mugs and deodorant. However, despite it being the season of good will, fear of buying for the office boss is widespread, with one in four saying that they can’t handle the pressure!

Luckily we’re here to help, search gift ideas from Not on the High StreetJohn Lewis, Hawkin’s Bazaar, and Mark’s & Spencer.

Did you know that in groups of six or more there is only a 36.8% chance that no one pulls out their own name?


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