by Steve Clarke, General Manager of The Fuelcard People.

Gordon Brown’s speech to the Labour Party conference today contained nothing to offer hope to hard-pressed fleet operators.

Fleet operators have seen fuel costs rocket under Mr. Brown, but this vital industry seems less important to the Prime Minister than trying to save his job. Losing three by-elections and four junior ministers this year should be enough to tell him that people want effective action, now, to improve the economic situation. In particular, fleet operators want something done about the price of fuel, which is such a key element in their operating costs. Even a temporary cut in the high rate of fuel duty would help.

At The Fuelcard People, we speak to fleet managers every day. They contact us initially to find which fuel card offers the best combination of savings, service and security for their business, but it is not long before they begin to vent their frustrations about lack of government assistance for their industry. We are equally frustrated, because we can always help them to find the best fuel card, but saving a typical 2p to 3p per litre on the national average pump price does not remove the cause of their problems.

The Fuelcard People are one of the few fuel card companies able to offer truly impartial, independent advice, offering a broad choice of cards from leading brands including BP, Esso, Shell, Texaco, Diesel Direct (Keyfuels) and ReD.

Steve Clarke is the General Manager of The Fuelcard People. To find out more about The Fuelcard People, please visit our wesbite,, email or call us on 0844 870 9856.





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