Comparing fuel card suppliers could not be simpler, according to The Fuelcard People. Steve Clarke, general manager of The Fuelcard People, said: “Fleet managers wanting to cut their diesel and petrol costs just need to ask fuel card companies two basic questions. These are common sense and easy to remember.”

Question One is straightforward: Can you offer me a discount on pump prices? If you have to pay the same price for fuel as you would without a fuel card, there is little point in having one. “A fuel card company buying millions of litres at a time gets a discount,” said Steve Clarke, “and can pass on a saving to customers. You should be offered a discount of 3p to 4p per litre, compared to national average pump prices. If you are not offered a discount, ask yourself where the bulk-buy saving is going.”

Question Two is also simple: Can you offer me a choice covering all of the ‘Big Five’ fuel suppliers? “Fuel cards are not all the same,” said Steve Clarke, “so no single fuel card can be perfect for all users. The only sure way to find the best one for your own specific needs is to be able to choose from the widest possible range. This means that BP, Esso, Shell, Texaco and Total all have to be included in the choice on offer.”

 A fuel card company offering three or four of the ‘Big Five’ may look good, particularly as most suppliers only offer one or two different fuel cards. If a supplier does not offer BP or Total, however, and one of these would best suit your specific needs, it can only provide a second-best alternative.

There are other major brands and any good supplier also has both the UK Fuels and Diesel Direct (Keyfuels) fuel cards, for example, in its portfolio. Steve Clarke said, “A line has to be drawn somewhere when narrowing down supplier options and insisting on being able to select from all of the ‘Big Five’ is a sensible place to start.”


Steve Clarke is the General Manager of The Fuelcard People. To find out more about The Fuelcard People, please visit our wesbite,, email or call us on 0844 870 9856.


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