As cars have altered over the years, there are many once-traditional features to have been consigned to the past. Windows you wind down yourself, for example, or the choke.

Handbrakes next?

And according to new research, it looks as though the humble handbrake could be next. The study of 32 carmakers found Suzuki and Dacia are the only brands to maintain the traditional handbrake across their full range, with many declaring themselves totally handbrake-free.

In fact, Car Gurus discovered only 30 per cent of new models coming into showrooms this year have featured a handbrake – seven per cent less than in 2018.

Land Rover, Jaguar and Mercedes are among the household names to no longer feature the device, meaning you won’t see any of their models with one.

Instead, more cars than ever are now boasting advanced technology that can assist drivers with hill-starts and disengage automatically when they pull away.

Car Gurus UK editor Chris Knapman said: “The death of the handbrake is coming as manufacturers switch to electronic parking brakes in huge numbers. They have rapidly gone from being a novelty to what our research shows is now the norm.”

It also emerged this month that some manufacturers of driverless cars want regulators to remove requirements for steering wheels, pedals and mirrors. There won’t be much left by that point, we imagine.

Heather Stark, brand manager at The Fuelcard People, comments: “It really will be strange to think of something once so ubiquitous reduced to a nostalgic memory. But cars are things that certainly move with the times, so it’s inevitable certain features will be overtaken by technological improvements.”

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