Potholes have become the bane of many people’s lives, with this particular hazard one of the biggest bugbears for drivers when taking to the nation’s roads.

However, a new solution to the problem could now be made available to drivers, as Redditch-based product developer AlloyGator has passed stringent testing for an innovative new wheel protection system.

Pothole damage a major issue

Curt Rathbone, managing director at AlloyGator, commented: “The resale value of a car, as well as its styling and appearance, can be affected by the appearance of its alloy wheels.

“Unfortunately, most of us have struck a kerb or hit a deep pothole when out driving, causing some fairly costly and nasty damage to our car’s wheels.”

Overall, it’s estimated that one in four cars on UK roads have alloy wheels. As such, addressing the problem of wheel damage has been a top priority for the company in recent years.

Designed to fit between the wheel rim and the tyre, the product serves to protect against scuffs and other damage caused by striking kerbs or deep potholes.

Mr Rathbone concluded that while more funding to tackle the nation’s pothole problem may not be coming soon, at least now motorists can take matters into their own hands and reduce their risk of needing costly repairs.

Testing and approval of the product was carried out by Czech product testing and safety compliance specialist TUV SUD.

Heather Stark, brand manager at The Fuelcard People, comments: “Potholes have been a blight on UK roads for as long as we can remember. As such, any new innovation that can eliminate the damage they cause will undoubtedly be welcomed by UK motorists.”


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