The Department for Transport has called upon the Treasury to provide more long-term funding to help councils tackle the issue of potholes on the nation’s roads.

More funding each year

In a new letter, it criticised the current lack of ring-fenced funding necessary for adequate road maintenance and said this has resulted in councils diverting money to other services.

Instead, the body wants the Treasury to provide a guaranteed annual cash settlement over a number of years that would give local councils “greater budget certainty” and enable them to start improving road surfaces before significant potholes develop.

Any additional funding provided by the government would be subject to a spending review by the chancellor next year.

The request comes as official data reveals a quarter of A-roads in England need urgent work to fix them, while another 23 per cent require action soon.

Meanwhile, a report from the Commons Transport Select Committee in July called the pothole problem a “national scandal” and warned vehicle owners are facing a collective £1 billion of damage to their cars each year because of uneven highway surfaces.

Heather Stark, brand manager at The Fuelcard People, comments: “The state of roads all over the country is no secret and many of us will have required sometimes expensive repairs to our vehicles as a result of unseen – or unavoidable – potholes. We would therefore also support longer-term budgets for road maintenance.”

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