New research has demonstrated the extent to which traffic congestion impacted motorists in the UK last year.

A study carried out by analysts Inrix discovered the average commuter spent 115 hours stuck in traffic during 2019, costing them some £894 in lost productivity and other expenses, such as wear and tear.

Wasted hours queuing

Collectively, this amounted to an enormous £6.9 billion drain on the British economy, the investigation suggested.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, London was the worst city in terms of traffic jams, with each driver there losing 149 hours of their time during peak periods in 2019.

Belfast made second place, while Bristol, Edinburgh and Manchester rounded out the top five.

Transportation analyst at Inrix Trevor Reed said the capital in particular simply wasn’t made for the volume of traffic we are seeing today.

“When you develop around walking, and horse and buggy, and everything but cars, the urban environment does not handle (them) all that well,” he added.

A spokesperson for the Department for Transport insisted the government is committed to improving journeys for motorists and highlighted the £29 billion fund to reduce congestion by 2025 as evidence of this.

Heather Stark, brand manager at The Fuelcard People, comments: “We all know we waste time in traffic jams, but seeing the exact figures in black and white is quite shocking. Just think of what we could be achieving were we not stuck looking at someone else’s bumper for so long each day!”

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