Refuelling company vehicles is an everyday chore, so it makes sense to do it efficiently. The less time needed for administration, the more time you have to concentrate on business. The EmoMotion fuel card is the answer.

With a single weekly VAT-approved invoice and Direct Debit payment replacing all those filling station receipts and credit card slips, you spend less hours on fuel administration – and saving time means saving money.

Easy, safe and flexible

Forget about loading drivers with responsibility for cash advances or credit cards, or asking them to keep and look after all their filling station receipts. Just give them the EmoMotion fuel card and let them refuel, and buy lubricants, without fuss. Use it at all participating Emo services stations in Northern Ireland, or in Great Britain at participating Pace & Gulf filling stations plus wherever you see the Myfuel logo.

Fast refuelling with no surprises

Enjoy the ultimate in refuelling convenience for any type of business. Just refuel and present the EmoMotion fuel card: no delays, no paperwork. Your weekly invoice shows every transaction in detail and 24/7 online account access includes uninvoiced transactions. You always know where you stand.

Management power

Gain complete transparency of your EmoMotion fuel card account, with secure online management, eServices. Order new cards or cancel any existing cards, with ease. Use the EmoMotion fuel card management reports, compatible with your standard office systems, for total visibility of fuel cost information. We can also help you monitor you CO2 emissions and calculate the cost of your drivers' business and private mileage for tax purposes.