The fleet credentials of the Kia Picanto have been recognised by IMServ after the energy data collection company ordered 51 of the plucky city cars.

A unanimous decision was made by the Milton Keynes-based firm, opting for the well-specced ‘3’ equipment trim for their freshly liveried fleet cars to be used by IMServ’s meter reading team.

Lucy Allberry, regional business sales manager at Kia Motors UK, worked closely with IMServ in securing the fleet deal.

She said IMServ’s decision demonstrated that the Picanto is “a practical yet perfectly suited vehicle with class-leading whole life costs”.

“Since its launch in May last year, Picanto has been popular in both the retail and fleet market,” Ms Allberry added.

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Time for change

IMServ wanted to move away from a small van for its meter reading team in a bid to cut costs, as well as address concerns over the safety, comfort and environmental impact of its fleet.

Kate Whitehouse, IMServ’s manager for business support, environment, health, safety and sustainability, believed that a van wasn’t the most suitable vehicle for the company’s site visit agents (or ‘meter readers’ to you and I).

“As a van isn’t really necessary for the small amount of kit they need to carry with them,” she explained. “Wanting to reduce our diesel fleet was an important factor.”

Ms Whitehouse said the Picanto ticked all the boxes, in regards to delivering an ergonomically comfortable drive with all the safety and comfort features IMServ requires.

"The Kia Picanto stood out as the one which met all the requirements and testing the cars both at head office and in the field resulted in a unanimous decision being made,” she added.

Ben Robb, brand manager at The Fuelcard People, commented: “IMServ made an admirable choice to address the issues surrounding its fleet and as many other companies have already realised, the Picanto is a brilliant fleet vehicle.”

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