Esso supreme diesel and petrol

when you use your Esso fuel card

Esso fully understand that every fleet manager is looking for the best possible value, every time one of their drivers fill up with fuel at the pump with their Esso fuelcard.

With this fact firmly in their minds, Esso have developed, Esso Supreme Unleaded and Esso Supreme Diesel with twice the level of detergent additives of our regular fuels.

Esso Supreme Fuels help give engines a deeper clean

video: Esso supreme diesel

Testing has shown that regular use of our Supreme Fuels not only gives fuel injectors a deeper clean than standard petrol or diesel, it also helps ensure you’re getting better performance from your engine.

That’s why we think you’ll agree that choosing Esso Supreme Unleaded and Esso Supreme Diesel will give you better value in the long term, when using your Esso fuelcard.

video: Esso supreme unleaded petrol