We’re always happy to receive feedback from our satisfied customers and that’s been precisely the case in the form of one of our latest testimonials.

Charlie Whyman, business development manager at Euratex, has taken time out of his busy schedule to show his appreciation for the positive impact a switch to The Fuelcard People has had for his business.

Major benefits for everyone

Mr Whyman noted the switch to working with us has been “incredibly useful”.

He described the move to fuel cards with The Fuelcard People as “a timesaver for our field engineers, who no longer need to visit the office regularly to exchange receipts/tally expenses. It has also helped to improve profit margins per job by up to two per cent.”

We hope you’ll agree, that’s a fantastic result!

Euratex spends approximately £1,000 per month on diesel fuel and makes use of the BP fuel card. The company is a member of Alcumus SafeContractor – a UK Leading accreditation scheme who we are proud to be working with to help bring considerable savings to its members.

Indeed, our partners gain a wide range of benefits when joining our network – a dedicated account manager to meet your needs, access to a nationwide network of filling stations and regular updates to ensure you’re getting the best deals possible, plus much more.

Heather Stark, brand manager at The Fuelcard People, comments: “It’s fantastic to see the benefits that a switch to fuel cards with The Fuelcard People can have for our partners and clients. It’s also great – as is the case with Charlie – when they get in touch to give us greater insight into their savings.”

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