New technology shown off by Ford could be hugely useful to anyone who’s ever struggled to find a parking space in a busy city.

The marque has teamed up with Vodafone to show how Parking Space Guidance technology can be used to direct a driver to an open space, potentially ending the misery of circling the block hoping for somewhere to become available.

Eliminating parking pain

According to Ford, the average city driver in places like London and Frankfurt spends as many as 67 hours every year searching for parking spaces.

This so-called ‘cruising’ is said to be responsible for an estimated 30 per cent of urban traffic.

But a lack of spaces may not be the issue, as data shows some local authority car park occupancy rates in the UK can be as low as 50 per cent.

Parking Space Guidance aims to remove this frustration, using real-time car park data to show drivers where there are spaces available and guiding them to the car park.

Tobias Wallerius, engineer for product development at Ford of Europe, said. “Satnavs are great at helping us to get to our destination, but aren’t so useful when it comes to helping us to park there – especially in city centres.”

He added Parking Space Guidance could help drivers to complete their journey more quickly and use less fuel, benefitting overall air quality.

Heather Stark, brand manager at The Fuelcard People, comments: “Many drivers will be familiar with circling a car park hunting for a space. Any innovations to remove this frustration from our lives and save us all time and money is hugely welcome.”

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