Drivers who use its euroShell fuelcard are now receiving an additional cost-saving benefit with their fuel purchases. As well as enjoying substantial savings off their fuel bills and administrative costs, they are also likely to be using less fuel per trip.

This is the conclusion of a recent research study comparing Shell’s Diesel Fuelsave fuel with conventional diesel formulations. A specially designed test for heavy-duty diesel engines simulated 40,000 miles of normal operations, and monitored fuel consumption, power and emissions performance throughout.

In engines using the untreated fuel, carbon deposits built up on the fuel injectors over the 20 hours of the test.  This not only reduced power performance but also caused a measurable increase in fuel used.  Vehicles running on Shell Diesel Fuelsave showed around 3% better engine power and fuel economy, implying substantial additional savings on annual fuel costs and reduced emissions.

The euroShell card is accepted at over 1100 Shell service stations on major trunk routes and most motorways nationwide – including over a third of all motorway service areas.


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