A fuel card account can now be opened within minutes, thanks to The Fuelcard People’s new telephone application service. The whole application process can be carried out with a single call, shortening the route to fuel cost savings. There is no longer any need for The Fuelcard People to send the customer an application form and await its return.

“It could not be simpler and faster to open an account and start cutting fuel costs,” said Steve Clarke, general manager of The Fuelcard People. “You call us on 0844 870 9856 and we ask about your circumstances. Together, we run through the different benefits of fuel cards from BP, Esso, Shell, Texaco, Total, Diesel Direct and UK Fuels to find which is best for you. Provided that the call has been made by an authorised signatory on the customer’s bank account, that is all there is to it.”

Removing the need to send out application forms and await their return dramatically shortens the account opening process. For most customers, it can mean using their new fuel cards within days of making the call.

“Our customers are busy people,” said Steve Clarke, “and can find it hard to make a few minutes to go through application paperwork. It can be a chore that people delay doing and, even if they do complete and return a form immediately, there is an inevitable gap of at least a couple of days between initial contact and our receiving a signed application. By doing everything here, the entire process takes just a few minutes and customers do not have to deal with any paperwork.”

One telephone call is now all that is required for customers to acquire the best fuel card for their needs and start to save, typically, 3p to 4p per litre for diesel and petrol compared with national average pump prices.


Steve Clarke is the General Manager of The Fuelcard People. To find out more about The Fuelcard People, please visit our wesbite, https://www.thefuelcardpeople.co.uk, email info@thefuelcardpeople.co.uk or call us on 0844 870 9856.

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