Shell FuelSave Diesel

To make those short, long and everything-in-between journeys a little bit easier on your company’s bank balance, Shell have created Shell FuelSave Diesel – designed to save you fuel with every tank, at no extra cost.

From the moment you fill your car, van, coach, truck or mini-bus with Shell FuelSave Diesel, you could start to benefit from the new fuel economy formula. That’s because it’s enriched with Shell Efficiency Improver, designed to improve fuel economy from the very first drop. Shell FuelSave Diesel can be purchased with your discount euroShell fuel card from The Fuelcard People.

How does Shell Efficiency Improver work?

This fuel-efficient formula is designed to ignite and burn more effectively, helping to produce more efficient combustion in your engine. In addition to this, it is also designed to help prevent the build-up of deposits on fuel injectors, improving your engine’s efficiency. This helps you get the most out of every drop of Shell FuelSave Regular Diesel, saving you more fuel with every tank.

Getting to this stage was a welcome challenge for Shell’s scientists, who relentlessly tested the fuel in their lab as well as on the road so that each time you fill up, you can save.

So, save fuel with every tank with Shell FuelSave Diesel or Shell FuelSave Unleaded – head to your nearest Shell station today.

Or apply for a euroShell card today.

See Shell’s Fuel Saving Tips to save you even more money on your fuel.

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