Minor bumps and dings to bodywork can be a headache, but in many cases drivers put these down to normal wear and tear.

However, UK road safety specialist GEM Motoring Assists wants UK drivers to recognise the damage these dents can do to a vehicle if left unrepaired.


It’s what’s underneath that counts


From the outside, a small dent might not seem so terrible. However, it’s the underlying damage that can be particularly concerning – something that many motorists might not consider.

GEM road safety officer Neil Worth argued: “You tell yourself it doesn’t look good but it’s only a minor blemish. Or, the car is getting older, so a minor dent here and there doesn’t really matter.

“Next thing you know, six months or a year have gone by and that car dent is still there. And who knows what’s happening to your car underneath the dent?”

Indeed, a dent can lead to rusting of bodywork and may mask other issues that are not apparent from the exterior.

At the same time, the small costs associated with a timely repair can spiral into significant spending if damage this left untreated.

As a result, it pays to act fast when you first notice a dent or other minor damage to your car.

Heather Stark, brand manager at The Fuelcard People, comments: “Ensuring your vehicle is kept in tip-top condition means it will hold its value for longer and there are less likely to be any hidden surprises in terms of unknown damage and costly repairs when it goes in for its annual MOT.”

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