Bunkercard has expressed reservations about the appointment of the Rt. Hon. Philip Hammond, MP, as Secretary of State for Transport. Paul Davies, Bunkercard commercial manager, said: “Major HGV firms will not welcome a minister who does not understand the significance of their industry. It is worrying that such an important position can be handed to somebody with virtually no background in transport.”


He pointed out that Mr. Hammond’s only relevant experience seemed to be a few months’ service on the ‘Environment, transport and the regions’ Select Committee, in 1997/8. In opposition, he had shadowed the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, after covering work and pensions, local government and health.

Paul Davies said, “The haulage industry has consistently suffered at the hands of government and desperately needs a minister who understands its strategic importance to the national wellbeing. The week started with Philip Hammond never having shown any interest in transport and ended with him as the politician in charge of it. At the moment, his priority seems to be getting involved in the BA row over cabin crew perks, so we should not be surprised that his first announcement was to launch a measure ensuring that hauliers are not helped by any fall in oil prices.”

The new Secretary of State marked his elevation to the Cabinet by immediately announcing a ‘fuel price stabiliser,’ which will keep HGV costs up by raising fuel duties to match any fall in diesel and petrol prices.

“The last time Mr. Hammond was in the news for anything to do with transport,” said Paul Davies, “was when he refused to oppose increased parking charges at his local railway station. If we must have a transport minister called Hammond, give us Top Gear’s Richard – at least he knows something about the subject. Bunkercard would not normally comment on political news, but this appointment does not fill us with optimism.”

Bunkercard is a refuelling service designed for high-volume users in the transportation and haulage sectors. It enables major users, such as coach and bus operators, to obtain high quality fuel at low cost through the UK’s largest retail network. It provides a weekly fixed price for diesel based on the Platts market, with all fuel delivered through BP and Esso, meeting or exceeding British Standards. Customers are invoiced fortnightly for fuel purchased, enjoying free credit for between 14 and 30 days.

Major hauliers operators are invited to find out more by visiting www.bunkercard.co.uk, by emailing info@bunkercard.co.uk or by calling Paul Davies on 0113 384 6265.

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