Halloween is all about being spooky and getting scared out of your skin (and candy too, obviously), but out on the roads, there’s no place for nightmares.

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, good times and festivities should never come at the expense of road safety – that’s why we’ve pulled together some tips outlining how to keep your motoring life free from tricks and scares this Halloween.

Horrifying headlights

The clocks go back an hour mere days before Halloween – on Sunday October 28th – and the darker nights naturally make accidents more likely.

So make sure you have your headlights switched on even if it isn’t fully dark yet, especially in residential areas.

Do away with dreaded distractions

Driving with distractions is a no-no at any time of the year, but especially so around Halloween with an increased number of kids on the streets and crossing roads frequently.

So be extra responsible by flicking your phone onto silent and refraining from fiddling with any controls unnecessarily.  

Silence isn’t spooky

Turn down your car stereo that little bit more around Halloween.

We all like to sing along with the radio every once in a while, but being extra in tune with your surroundings and hearing a child before you see them could make the difference if you have to make an emergency stop.

Drive slower to avoid spine-chilling shocks

Similarly, driving just a tad slower than usual will help you come to a stop quicker if a child runs out from nowhere.

Braking distances are highly dependent on your car’s current speed, so ask yourself ‘could I come to a complete halt at a moment’s notice?’.

Scan the hair-raising road

Activate your keenest eyesight when driving around Halloween, especially at corners or junctions. Your reduced speed will allow you more time to be extra cautious and keep an eye out for any road-bound children.

None shall pass

A little more patience is generally required when driving in the dark and that’s even more true around Halloween when parents may be dropping off their kids for parties.

So don’t pass other cars stopped in the street, just hold back a bit and weigh up the situation before overtaking.

Blood-curdling communication

Maybe you are one of those parents taking their child to a Halloween bash. If so, help out your fellow motorists by using your hazard lights or indicators to leave no doubt over what you’re actually doing.

Abominable alcohol

Perhaps you’re going to a Halloween party yourself? It’s wise to designate a sober driver or arrange a taxi so you can get home safely afterwards.

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