The UK’s expanding smart motorways network is being added to all of the time, so drivers up and down the country should know how to use them effectively.

Safety is essential for all drivers, so Highways England has offered some helpful tips to all motorists.

Simple steps can make for safer driving

The main things to remember for all smart motorway users are:

  • Always drive in the left-most available lane
  • Do not drive in lanes marked by a red X
  • Keep to the speed limit at all times

Chief highway engineer Mike Wilson said: “Evidence indicates that smart motorways are helping to improve safety. The first nine of the latest generation of smart motorways have reduced casualty rates by more than 25 per cent.

“Smart motorways are good for drivers, adding vital extra lanes to some of our busiest motorways and making journeys safer and more reliable.”

According to feedback from UK motorists who have used smart motorways to date, the vast majority feel confident they know how to safely traverse these new types of carriageway.

Overall, 94 per cent of respondents to the Strategic Roads User Survey for 2018/19 stated this was the case for them.

At the same time, figures from Highways England show the greater uptake of smart motorways is helping to reduce the risk of road users being involved in an accident by 18 per cent on average.

Heather Stark, brand manager at The Fuelcard People, comments: “More and more smart motorways are opening all the time, so knowing how to use these busy stretches of road safely is of paramount importance for all.”

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