Festival season will soon be upon as, and that means music lovers up and down the country will be flocking to summer festivals.

As a result, IAM RoadSmart head of driving and riding Richard Gladman has offered a series of tips to ensure festivalgoers reach their destinations safely.

Stay safe and have fun

Mr Gladman argued: “Whilst the focus of the weekend may be the festival and the opportunity to let hair down with friends, a carefully planned journey there, proper preparation and caution for the journey back will only add to the enjoyment of the weekend.”

His top tips include:

Hold off on any alcohol: It can be tempting to start the party early when heading to the festival, but remember that drink-driving is illegal and causes thousands of injuries and deaths every year.

Plan your trip: Be prepared in advance of leaving and plan your journey accordingly. This ensures you can aim to miss any hold-ups, while also factoring in time to keep yourself fresh for that all-important festival arrival.

Pre-book your parking: It’s not always possible, but when you can you should pre-book parking to avoid the stress of looking for a suitable space when thousands of other motorists are trying to do the same.

Leave your car alone: Once you’ve arrived at the festival and have set up your tents, don’t be tempted to go back to the car. Accessing your vehicle when intoxicated is an offence, so best to avoid any temptation.

By following these simple steps, festivalgoers can ensure they reach the party with the minimum of stress and are able to enjoy a full weekend of fun without any headaches – they’re likely to come later!

Heather Stark, brand manager at The Fuelcard People, comments: “Festivals are great fun, but getting to and from the festival site can be stressful. By avoiding drinking on the way and planning everything in advance, this can improve your chances of enjoying a fantastic festival experience.”

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