Storm Gareth has hit many parts of the UK and with it, many areas have seen heavy wind and rain downpours.

In response, IAM RoadSmart head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman has offered advice to motorists on how to deal with these challenging conditions. His top tips include:

Take it slow

Remember that stopping distances can double in wet conditions. As a result, drivers should reduce their speed accordingly and maintain the all-important two-second gap when following other vehicles.

Keep things illuminated

When it starts to rain heavily, visibility can be dramatically reduced. Motorists should therefore aim to see as far as possible by ensuring they turn on their lights. This also allows other road users to see their car more clearly.

Avoid flooded routes

One aspect of heavy rain is the saturation of many routes, causing roads to become flooded. Drivers should avoid flooded areas where possible, finding alternatives if they are available.

If they are unable to make a diversion, drivers should remember to never enter into any flooded area where they do not know the depth of the water. In these cases, they should simply turn back.

Keep your car properly maintained

Finally, Mr Gladman stated: “With the British weather the way it is, we should all be well practised at driving in the rain. Keeping your car maintained and the rubber (wipers and tyres) in good condition will help you stay safe.”

Heather Stark, brand manager at The Fuelcard People, comments: “Driving in heavy rain can be especially hazardous if motorists don’t make certain allowances for the weather. Knowing what to do to stay safe in the wet is therefore essential for all motorists.”

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