M6toll – made simple

our Shell and Diesel Direct fuel cards are now accepted for payment on the M6toll

The M6toll runs for 27 miles, from Junction 3a on the M6 all the way round the North East of the West Midlands, rejoining the M6 at Junction 11a. The road is the easiest and most reliable route for business drivers to use through the Midlands bypassing the most congested section of the M6. You can also join the M6toll at various junctions along the road, paying on exit, using your Shell or Diesel Direct fuel card, at one of the plazas. Fleet managers can monitor toll transactions online, removing the headache of receiving a number of different invoices and making cost management that bit easier.

M6toll transactions will appear on your Shell or Diesel Direct fuel invoice in our standard VAT approved format, helping you to manage your expenses more efficiently.
Full pricing details are available upon request.

why use the M6toll?

  • M6toll = Reliable, faster journeys. The M6toll provides a reliable alternative to the heavily congested M6 with its variable speed limits and frequent incidents
  • M6toll = Quick and easy payment at one of the 7 Toll Plazas, using your Shell or Diesel Direct fuel card
  • M6toll =  Excellent customer service, providing 24/7 assistance
  • M6oll = High quality well maintained road and associated infrastructure
  • M6toll = Award winning Roadchef Motorway Service Area with ample parking and areas to relax
  • M6toll = The ideal place to take a break on your journey
  • m6toll = 24/7 help, should a customer require assistance then M6toll Incident Support Units are on hand to help
Roadchef Norton Canes, Motorway Services Area
Located on the M6toll between toll Junctions T6 and T7 (servicing both sides of the motorway)
Both Midland Expressway Ltd and Roadchef understand the needs of our business users and have developed a range of facilities for business people on the move.Roadchef Norton Canes MSA is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year, with manned and safe HGV parking areas.

M6toll service area, great facilities:

  • FREE parking for up to 2 hours
  • FREE BT Openzone Wi-Fi
  • Plug Points in amenities buildings (ideal for powering up laptop/mobile)
  • Comfortable indoor and outdoor meeting environments
  • Costa Coffee
  • Restbite
  • The Burger Company
  • WHSmith
  • Fone Bitz
  • Days Inn Hotel

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