David Milliband has been urged to make fuel costs a priority as a key component in any strategy for economic recovery. Paul Davies, Commercial Manager of our sister company, Bunkercard, said: “I have written to the new leader of the opposition and explained why he needs to press the coalition government on this issue. I have also promised him that I would make public his reply to my letter.”

In his letter, Paul Davies pointed out that:

  • Fuel costs account for 40% of road transport running costs
  • Diesel and petrol are subject to both fuel tax and VAT
  • More than half of the pump price for fuel represents taxation
  • UK fuel tax is more than double the EU average
  • The fuel tax escalator guarantees that any fall in oil prices does not benefit our hauliers

He said: “Whatever else you include in your strategy to tackle the economic crisis, it will be incomplete if it does not address this issue.”

Bunkercard, one of our sister companies, is a refuelling service designed for high-volume users in the haulage and transportation sectors. It enables major users, such as HGV operators, to obtain high quality fuel at low cost through the UK’s largest retail network. It provides a weekly fixed price for diesel based on the Platts market, with all fuel delivered through BP, Esso, Shell and Diesel Direct (Keyfuels), meeting or exceeding British Standards. Customers are invoiced fortnightly for fuel purchased, enjoying free credit for between 14 and 30 days.

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