UK drivers are a fiery bunch, with more than a fifth of motorists revealing they have got out of their vehicle to argue with another driver after suffering a bout of road rage.

New research from automotive data specialists HPI has revealed 22 per cent of drivers admit to this behaviour, while 19 per cent admit to following another driver in their car after an incident.

What makes the red mist descend for many?

In terms of what sets pulses racing for UK drivers, their most named bugbears were dangerous overtaking (28 per cent) and impatient tailgaters (20 per cent).

Meanwhile, the condition of the nation’s roads also puts many motorists in a state of perpetual frustration, with 31 per cent claiming potholes make them angry and 20 per cent incensed by the amount of traffic on the roads.

Fernando Garcia, consumer director at HPI, commented: “Our research of what really gets UK motorists hot under the collar reveals some fascinating findings.

“What it really highlights is that it doesn’t take much to wind up UK drivers and many are putting their safety and the wellbeing of others at risk.”

Mr Garcia added that the fact that many motorists are physically challenging those who upset them while driving is a worrying development. This type of behaviour can quickly result in an escalation of tempers and potentially lead to harm.

It’s therefore important for drivers to remember to remain calm and collected at all times, and to respect other road users.

Heather Stark, brand manager at The Fuelcard People, comments: “Driving when angry is never advisable. Anger and frustration can cloud your judgement, while being a considerable distraction that limits a person’s ability to drive safely.”

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