Getting the keys to a brand new car is one of life’s great joys – but new research has suggested it might be short-lived.

According to research by vehicle protection technology provider AX on more than 68,000 not-at-fault accidents, 39 per cent of motorists hit by another vehicle had owned their car for less than a year.

Bad luck for new owners

Even worse, 11 per cent had been behind the wheel of their fresh motor for less than 90 days – and drivers were found to be 50 per cent more likely to be involved in a prang in their second month of ownership than in their 12th.

Some locations were worse than others for having new cars hit, with Walsall taking the dubious honour of being the unluckiest place in the UK, followed by Preston, Stockport, Cambridge and Blackburn.

Weirdly, though, because the research study involved innocent parties only, AX couldn’t come up with a reason for these new car owners being so unlucky. They couldn’t exactly blame the unfamiliarity of the controls if the other party was at fault!

“Damage to your car when it’s not your fault is upsetting. When you’ve only owned that vehicle for weeks or months, it’s painful, frustrating and much, much more,” commiserated Scott Hamilton-Cooper from AX.

Back in June, Euro Car Parts found nearly a third of motorists would rather drive off than admit to causing damage to another car in a car park.

Heather Stark, brand manager at The Fuelcard People, comments: “Perhaps the sight of a new car is so dazzling that it causes people to stare and unwittingly drive towards it? However it happens though, a bump in a new car is certainly going to be a major disappointment for owners.”

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