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not all fuel card companies are the same

You’ll like the fuelcard people – it’s all in the name, it’s the people that make this fuelcard company different.
It’s a difference that our customers really enjoy and are pleased to confirm. As a part of Fuel Card Services Ltd (a DCC company), the business now sells in excess of 700 million litres of motor fuel annually via a portfolio of fuel cards under the BP, Esso, Shell, Texaco, Diesel Direct and UK Fuels brands.

crown commercial service supplier

It is the fact that we are different that the Crown Commercial Service has chosen us to be a supplier to the public sector.

Because we’re friendly and always there for our fuel card account members, with personal account management – no call centres. We will explain to you how a fuel card works and help you decide which one is best for your business.

dedicated to bring you value for money

We’re dedicated to achieving great savings for them all on all their fuel, diesel (derv) and petrol needs. More than just savings off their fuel bills:

Service, savings and security, saving them administration time and paperwork, too, through great service.
And saving them the worry of guarding against fraud.

Great additional services such as: HGV Parking and Truck Wash.

dedicated to bring you great service

It’s a relationship that starts with ensuring you get the right fuel cards to match your business and fleet operations. Our business fleet fuel cards are accepted at BP, Esso, Shell, Texaco Fastfuel, Total, Q8, Spot, CPL and Watson Conoco JetGulf, Pace, Emo, Scania, Bunkercard, Murco, Tesco, Morrisons, The Co-operative Supermarkets and MOTO Motorway Service Areas as well as on the Diesel Direct and UK Fuels networks.

dedicated to bring you quality fuel

The right fuels, including market leading products like Shell FuelSave, and refuelling network, for your vehicles and routes.

let’s get together!