Parking is one of things that every driver fears from time to time. Whether it’s pulling into a particularly tight spot or the potential to hit things like columns or kerbs, parking can be a nightmare.

As a result, it’s unsurprising to learn that approximately 3.7 million drivers cause damage to their vehicle while parking each year – with cumulative costs around £1.5 billion.

Costs can mount for careless parking

The figure is based on research carried out by Skoda, which revealed the average repair bill for a vehicle involved in a parking accident currently stands at £396.

Overall, 40 per cent of drivers said they have hit a lamppost, tree or space divider in a car park during the last 12 months.

What’s more, four out of ten respondents to Skoda’s research stated they had caused damage to another vehicle while parking.

Despite this fact, 73 per cent of respondents said they believe themselves to be ‘a good parker’.

A spokesperson for Skoda said: “While many people feel confident in their parking capabilities, the numbers show motorists have forked out significant sums in the last 12 months repairing their cars from parking mishaps.”

Heather Stark, brand manager at The Fuelcard People, comments: “Parking your car can come with some major headaches, but who would have thought the nation’s repair bill from parking errors would be so steep?”

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