British motorists are spending billions of pounds each year making sure their vehicles stay on the road and to prevent breakdowns, according to new research.

A poll carried out by Holts Lloyd International showed a collective £21 billion is being spent on preventing failures, which amounts to an average of £559 per driver per year.

However, this goes up to an average of more than £700 a year for drivers that live in London, the most expensive region for repairs in the UK, the Express reports.

Reluctant to look beneath the bonnet

The survey also discovered that 78 per cent of those polled would not feel comfortable performing even basic car repairs and maintenance, suggesting many drivers are forking out for garage bills when they could be keeping on top of at least some motoring issues themselves.

Indeed, when breakdowns did occur, engine overheating was the most common reason, followed by clutch issues, smashed windscreens and oil problems.

Although mechanics will obviously always be necessary in some cases, performing regular checks to vehicles could prevent some of these issues.

Holts Lloyd pointed out that the average cost of a breakdown equates to the price of a weekend away, so it’s always a good idea for drivers to look at options that could save them money.

Brand manager Tavia Spencer said: “Our research highlights that drivers are spending excessively when it comes to repairs on the car, especially when many of these can be fixed at home or by the roadside.”

Heather Stark, brand manager at The Fuelcard People, comments: “Organisations like the RAC and the AA offer guides to basic vehicle maintenance on their websites, so this is a great place to start if you want to slash those bills. However, you should always seek an expert opinion if you’re at all unsure.”

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