quality diesel & petrol

with your fleet fuel cards from The Fuelcard People

The Fuelcard People are very proud of the quality service, savings and security that we offer our valued clients. Part of the security package that we offer all our clients is the peace of mind that your drivers can fill up with quality diesel and petrol from the likes of BP, Shell, Esso and Texaco.

reduce fuel costs and co2 emissions

Many of our oil company partners offer premium diesel and petrol products, which have been designed to improve MPG, reduce engine wear and servicing costs, as well as cutting CO2 emissions and your fleet’s carbon footprint.

Your vehicles’ engines are the heart of your fleet. So, you will want to ensure that they go on working as good as new, for as long as possible.

Harmful deposits can easily build up very quickly in your fleet’s engines if they are run on low quality fuels, and this will inevitably prevent them from operating efficiently and giving your business the performance they were designed to.

keep your fleet running like new

BP Ultimate, Shell Fuelsave and Esso Supreme all have outstanding cleaning properties. Not only can they dramatically help the build-up of harmful deposits, they have also been formulated to help clean away existing deposits, making your fleet’s engines run much more like new once again.

These fuels don’t just clean, they also protect your fleet’s engines, working all the time your vehicles are on the road to prevent deposits from forming, and also helping to guard against corrosion and wear and tear.

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