New research from Hyundai has revealed there are an astonishing 36,750 different ways to drive, with everything from your car to your personality impacting upon your style.

The unusual survey was carried out on 2,000 UK motorists in a bid to explore attitudes on the roads.

Are you confident and measured, nervous – or even aggressive?

It was discovered that the top five driving styles in Britain were self-identified as: confident (28 per cent); fair and measured (24 per cent); calm (19 per cent); nervous (seven per cent); and aggressive (seven per cent).

Interestingly, the carmaker also found that drivers of alternatively-fuelled vehicles may be more courteous than owners of traditional petrol and diesel cars, with 92 per cent claiming they never beep at other motorists and 37 per cent saying they always thank their fellow road users.

Hyundai has developed its own Drive Different Tests to analyse styles and attitudes behind the wheel, which involve metrics such as pupil tracking, facial recognition and tests on how smoothly people are pressing the pedals.

Expert driving instructor Gary Lamb, who was involved in the study, said: “There are many things that impact someone’s driving style, and until they actually get behind the wheel you can never predict which way it will go. Over my 25 years as a driving instructor, I’ve seen them all.”

Heather Stark, brand manager at The Fuelcard People, comments: “Surveys like these always make for fascinating reading and it’s perhaps telling that considerably more drivers would rate themselves as being fair than would admit to being aggressive at the wheel.”

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