New research has highlighted the significant impact the school run has on commuter times across the UK.

With the recent half-term holidays now coming to an end, research published by insurer Admiral has shown how traffic levels increase by almost one-fifth during peak school drop-off and pick-up times.

Lost hours in traffic

Sabine Williams, head of motor at Admiral, said: “Our investigation has laid bare the impact of the school run on the morning commute, with proof that dropping children at school or nursery is affecting all commuters, both those with and without children.”

Indeed, the research showed that UK road users lost approximately £7.9 billion and 178 hours on average as a result of being stuck in traffic in 2018.

The region most affected by term-time traffic was the north-west of England, where commuters witness an increase in their average time to commute from 25 to 41 minutes during the school year.

Elsewhere, London was shown to be the most congested city in the UK, with drivers losing an average of 227 hours thanks to traffic.

The study also found that 80 per cent of people dropping children off at school by car could do so by other means.

Interestingly, Admiral’s research revealed 43 per cent fewer collisions are reported during school drop off times in the holidays – with the lesser number of vehicles on the roads the expected cause of this decline.

Heather Stark, brand manager at The Fuelcard People, comments: “Parents up and down the country need to get their children to and from school. However, measures like car pooling and using alternative forms of transport could help to cut levels of congestion during these peak times.”

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