Skoda UK has launched a ‘parent taxi’ app that charges kids in chores for all the time mum and dad spend ferrying them from place to place.

The app has been launched ahead of the summer holidays after research from the brand revealed that Britain’s parents drive some 1,648 extra miles per year taking their children from A to B. This is the equivalent of £12,565 worth of taxi fares, if parents were to ask their children to shell out at the rate of passengers in London taxis.

Parents ‘feel like taxi drivers’

The brand’s research found that two-thirds of parents (66 per cent) say they sometimes feel like a taxi driver for their kids. They spend, on average, three extra hours a week in the car as they take their children to and from locations like friends’ houses and sports clubs.

When broken down by region, the parents of Northern Ireland appeared to be the most generous with their miles, with mums and dads in this part of the UK driving an extra 2,142 miles per year to get their little ones where they need to be.

London’s parents (1,789 miles) and those in the south-west (1,760 miles) came second and third, while mums and dads in the West Midlands came last, with just 1,399 extra miles on the clock.

Parents who want to see some return on the extra time they spend in the car can now download Skoda’s app, which uses GPS to track car journeys and allows parents to set how many miles equate to a single chore.

The chores that can be exchanged for miles include feeding the family pet, tidying their bedroom, cleaning the car and doing the washing up.

At the end of the journey, the app totals the number of miles and reveals which chores will be charged for it.

Heather Stark, brand manager at The Fuelcard People, comments: “Skoda’s app is a fun way for the little ones to learn a bit about responsibility, while mum and dad will finally get to put their feet up once the car is parked in the drive for the evening.”

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