Steve Clarke Fuelcard PeopleThe Fuelcard People are pleased to announce that Steve Clarke has been appointed as General Manager, to lead it in revolutionising the UK fuel cards market, with its promise to re-invent customer relationships while offering an all-embracing range of different fuel cards from leading brands.

Formerly Sales and Marketing Manager for Abbey Fuelcards, Steve has many years’ experience in the industry. He said: “We will be reminding the market that fuel cards should be all about service, savings and security. Consistently cheaper diesel and petrol nationwide is important, but it is only the start. A customer calling us always knows exactly which of The Fuelcard People will be helping them, which is how it ought to be. Anonymous call centres should have no place in a service industry.”

At The Fuelcard People, we offer fuel cards from BP, Esso, Shell and Texaco, Emo, Pace and Gulf, as well as the popular UK Fuels and Diesel Direct cards. Not being tied to any particular brand or network, we have true independence and can give customers genuinely impartial advice. Our approach is to ask customers what they need, then find something that gives them what they want, rather than pressuring them to accept a compromise product.

Steve said: “Our fresh approach is already proving popular, with every customer served by a named account manager who can quickly become familiar with their business and its needs. Heavy investment in leading-edge IT systems also allows customers full on-line account access. They can both view current and previous invoices and also track usage in real time, monitoring transactions as they happen rather than having to wait for an invoice. We are here to provide a service — and the key is to remember that people prefer to deal with people, not systems or companies.”

You can find out all about The Fuelcard People and our wide range of fuel cards and services at our home page, by emailing us at or by calling our 24-hour hotline on 0844 870 9856.

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