It’s almost time for students new and old to pack up their belongings and head off to uni. However, packing wisely should be a top priority to stay safe on the roads.

Highways England has offered advice to all those packing up for another year at university, with the key thing being not to overload your vehicle.

Secure packing means safer driving

Highways England traffic officer Kelly Rudge argued: “Simple things like putting heavy loads in the boot and keeping loose items inside the car secured can all help to keep the occupants safe if the vehicle comes to a sudden stop.

“The last thing anyone wants is to be hit by an object that isn’t secure.”

Top tips for packing safely include:

  • Place heavy luggage on the floor of the boot and build up your packing on top
  • Check your handbook to confirm your car’s official weight limit – and don’t exceed the max
  • Make sure anything you’ll need quickly at the end of your journey is easily accessible on arrival
  • Use straps to secure any potentially loose items
  • Ensure all mirrors and windows can still be seen once packing is complete

Heather Stark, brand manager at The Fuelcard People, comments: “Packing up and heading off to uni is an exciting time, but every student should be aware of the dangers of overloading their vehicle – you want to get there safely and with everything intact.”

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