Sheffield Chamber of Commerce & Industry

We already have a very strong member benefits portfolio, covering everything from utilities to healthcare, so any new partner must meet high standards. We considered a number of options before selecting The Fuelcard People. Apart from offering significant savings on fuel costs, their attitude to personal service is outstanding.

Marek Mossakowski, RatedPeople.com

We are delighted to be partnering with The Fuelcard People and are confident that tradesmen who take up the offer will see a real difference in terms of monetary savings and less paperwork.

Mark Sheldon, Grant Handling

Operating our mixed fleet of 109 vehicles cost-effectively means using quality diesel and petrol, bought as cheaply as possible, you get this with The Fuelcard People!

Gerry Ebbs, SDV Ltd

The whole point of having fuel cards is to cut the cost of fuel, but it also needs to be trouble free. In the circumstances, the best option was to cancel our fuel cards and re-examine the whole market for a better deal. We switched to using BP fuel cards from The Fuelcard People