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pay for Truck Wash with your Diesel Direct fuel card

The Fuelcard People, in conjunction with, are pleased to be able to offer you and your HGV Truck drivers the ability to use your Diesel Direct fuel cards to pay for truck washes at any independent truck wash site that has joined the network.

how does it work?

Just arrive at your chosen truck washing facility and use your fuel card to pay for your daytime or overnight parking.

how do you find a truck parking stop which is part of the network?

Simply visit the website

no more cash claims from drivers

This service is simple, your drivers can use their Diesel Direct cards to pay for vehicle related non-fuel activities such as truck washing and parking. At the end of each period, you will receive a bill from your The Fuelcard People which details all the fuel, and parking for each vehicle. We can also offer a frequency control service for washing.

no more account reconciliation

By reducing the number of claims and suppliers you have, you reduce your admin costs and the need to check the transactions; we take the driver name and registration number when we provide our service and these, combined with the card being present, assure you that each transaction is genuine.

no more verification of service

The fact that no cash changes hands means there is no chance of any fraudulent use. The truck parking sites allow you to instantly verify prices and we issue a receipt with each transaction.

why delay, find out more today

Go on, Apply now for a Diesel Direct Card or Contact our team of road transport experts to discover how we can help you with a service, savings and security package, that will really make a difference for your road transport businesses.