If you had to list your least favourite habit among your fellow drivers, what would it be? According to a new poll, you’re far from alone if you mentioned a failure to indicate.

Irritating little habits could add up

Research on more than 1,000 drivers by Click4Reg found not using that little stick by the steering wheel was voted the worst driving habit of all by 55 per cent of respondents, closely followed by driving with full beams on (52 per cent).

Rounding out the top five were driving 10 mph below the speed limit, tailgating, and last-minute lane swaps.

Dishonourable mentions also went to bad parking, speeding and middle lane hogging, all of which you can witness on almost any journey by road in 2020.

Interestingly, respondents were asked to name the demographic they found most annoying on the highways in general – and elderly motorists came out top, followed by young male drivers and lorry drivers.

However, suggesting we may be somewhat hypocritical when we’re behind the wheel ourselves, a significant 87 per cent admitted to committing at least one of these bad habits.

For women, the most likely was bad parking, while men conceded that they might have exceeded the speed limit on occasion.

The new figures certainly make for fascinating reading, particularly when you compare them with a poll carried out by Confused.com back in 2014.

Respondents that year voted tailgating their least favourite habit, with more than an eighth of drivers having had a near miss or an accident because of it.

However, failure to indicate still came in as runner-up, suggesting we have long had little patience for those who don’t let us know where they’re going.

Heather Stark, brand manager at The Fuelcard People, comments: “We’re all guilty of letting bad habits creep into our driving, but this research shows just how much we might be annoying our fellow motorists. Practising more common courtesy could be a simple way of making roads more pleasant for everyone.”

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