Certain types of drivers are often considered more dangerous and careless than others, but it is bus drivers who have been found to be the safest, according to new research.

In contrast, the survey of motorists, cyclists and pedestrians published by Continental Tyres deemed van drivers to be among the least loved type of road user.

Van drivers were voted as the least considerate on the road by car drivers and pedestrians, but cyclists were considered to be both the least safe and most annoying.

Failing to indicate is one major bug bear, with seven in ten car drivers saying that the most annoying habit of other road users is not signalling.

Mobile phone use was another pet peeve with every type of road user calling out people who are more concerned with checking their phone than communicating with their fellow road users.

All of the groups surveyed believe that things need to change and seven in ten cyclists and pedestrians think that people would be more conscientious and safety aware if they tried other modes of road use.

Many felt that training for road users should include more on awareness and consideration for other types of road users.

Mark Griffiths, safety expert at Continental Tyres, said the research suggested that poor communication was at the root of much of the animosity on UK roads.

“Failing to signal and using mobile phones while on the road makes journeys more difficult for everyone and breeds contempt when we should all be working together for a safer road network,” he commented.

Ben Robb, brand manager at The Fuelcard People, added: “It’s no surprise that the image of the white van man is still a major source of annoyance for many road users and there is no justification for using your phone behind the wheel.”

Photo: skynesher/iStock

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