Volvo has announced the installation of new in-car cameras in its future model range to tackle the dangerous issues of driver distraction and intoxication.

Safer driving through automatic intervention

Intoxication and distraction are two of the most dangerous risks to any motorist. Indeed, America’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has shown up to 30 per cent of all fatal accidents in the US can be attributed to this behaviour.

However, the manufacturer believes it can incentivise safer driving for all by installing in-car cameras and other sensors to monitor the driver and to activate automatic systems if it detects there is a danger.

Trent Victor, professor of driver behaviour at Volvo Cars, commented: “Some people still believe that they can drive after having had a drink, and that this will not affect their capabilities. We want to ensure that people are not put in danger as a result of intoxication.”

Meanwhile, Volvo’s senior vice president for R&D Henrik Green explained the system will “monitor for behaviour that may lead to serious injury or death” and then act accordingly.

He concluded that the overall aim of the company is not to limit the impact when an accident is unavoidable, but to “avoid accidents altogether”.

This latest news follows the announcement that Volvo will be limiting the top speed of all of its models to 180kph (112mph) from 2021, in a move designed to help tackle the issue of excessive speeding.

Heather Stark, brand manager at The Fuelcard People, comments: “Safety behind the wheel should never be taken for granted, so installing new technologies that can automatically address the issues of distraction and intoxication would be a great step forward.”

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