what is a fuelcard?

fuelcards make life easier and can save you money

When your drivers are out on the road, how do they pay for fuel? Company credit card? Cash advance? Pay and reclaim?

Whichever method you use, you’ll find our fuelcards just make the whole process easier. If you’ve never come across fuelcards before, let us explain the simple process to you…

how fuelcards work

  • Give each of your drivers a fuelcard
  • Driver uses pump locator app to find nearest station your cards are accepted at
  • Fill up vehicle as normal
  • Fuelcard is used in place of cash or credit card to pay for fuel
  • If you have pump priced cards, you pay the price you see at the station
  • If you have weekly fixed priced cards, you’ll know in advance what price you’ll be paying and ignore the pump price
  • All fuel transactions are invoiced weekly and payment is made by direct debit
  • Every transaction for every driver is available in FREE eServices system for reporting

why use OUR fuelcards?

Some fuelcard companies charge transaction fees every time you use a card. We don’t on any of our commercial rate fuel cards.
Some fuelcard companies have minimum spends on an account. We don’t.
Some fuelcard companies charge you if you don’t use your cards. We don’t.

At The Fuelcard People, we pride ourselves on excellent service, and we think you’ll notice the difference. You’ll have your own dedicated account manager who will ensure you have the best fuelcards for your requirements, will explain every step of the way for you, and will make sure you are happy with the cards and are getting the most out of them.

Don’t settle for less – apply with The Fuelcard People today.

fixed weekly pricing vs pump pricing

Whether your priority is to have the best coverage possible and you’d rather pay pump price, or to make a saving on your fuel bill at a specific network, or indeed a mixture of the both, we have you covered. We have 18 cards to choose from with a range of benefits.

fixed weekly pricing – we’ll send you a FREE price notification every week of what you’ll be paying at the pumps. You can ignore the pump price, every litre you purchase will be at your fixed price (at filling stations on your card’s network coverage). You can’t use the cards everywhere, but the coverage on each card is still fantastic, and with our free site locator tool you’ll never find it too hard to fill up. And if you need to, your account manager will happily take your call and help you find your nearest site. You could be saving up to 4p per litre off the national average, and up to 10p per litre at motorway sites.

pump pricing – pump price cards give you a better coverage in exchange for pricing. You won’t be on our best price, but you’ll be paying what you see at the pumps.

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