A recent article in Fleet News on ‘how to make the most of every litre’ [15.02.07] advised drivers and fleet managers to buy fuel from supermarkets, as this is where the lowest pump prices can be found.

Yet supermarkets are not necessarily conveniently located for a filling stop, and in unfamiliar areas finding a supermarket can involve quite a lot of wasted time (and fuel) driving around. In addition, many tend not to be very HGV-friendly in their design.

Commercial fuelcard – convenience and cost saving

However, by using a commercial fuel card (for example, cards from The Fuelcard People) drivers and fleet managers have access to fuel at supermarket prices – saving on every litre of fuel purchased – but without the need to shop around. In addition, they also benefit from greater security and control over spending, with itemised invoices, transactions restricted to fuel only, and other features designed to prevent fraud.

A fuel card enables easier and quicker administration and book-keeping – no more need to painstakingly process receipts and reconcile petty cash – and makes for straightforward compliance with the 6th European VAT Directive (under which it is more difficult to recover VAT under ‘pay and reclaim’ transactions).

Furthermore, the The Fuelcard People’s discount fuel card price is set on a weekly basis, Sunday-Saturday, and is applicable nationwide. So The Fuelcard People’s fuelcard holders know beforehand the savings available, and are never vulnerable to costly variations in price.


To find out more about The Fuelcard People, and its products which include: BPShellEssoTexaco, Diesel DirectUK Fuels and servives such as CO2Count and MileageCount, please visit our website, http://fuelcardpeople.kinsta.cloud, email info@thefuelcardpeople.co.uk or call us on 0844 870 9856.



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