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The benefits of

saving fuel

Reduce Fuel


It's simple: saving fuel ultimately saves

you £££s. Slight improvements in fuel

efficiency might not seem like they

would make much of a difference, but

when that slight improvement is scaled

over a large number of vehicles, the

results could add up to a big saving on

the company fuel bill.

With our simple tips you could realise

savings of up to 25% on fuel

consumption. For a large fleet that could

easily equal £10,000's worth of savings

on your annual fuel bill.

By using fuelcards you could

take control of your fleet's fuel

bill whether one vehicle or one


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Fuel consumption by road vehicles is

estimated to account for 22% of the

UK's total emissions of carbon dioxide



), a major contributor to climate

change. By employing fuel efficient

driving techniques, the total emissions

caused by road transportation could

be massively reduced.

Through simple measures your

company could significantly reduce its

carbon footprint. For example, by

regularly checking air filters and

replacing clogged filters, you can

improve fuel economy by up to 10%.

And by avoiding high speeds you

could see an even greater saving. As

little as 5mph (12kmph) can affect

fuel economy by up to 23%. All this

means reductions in emissions.


Help The


Save Time On

Filling Up

By using more fuel you by necessity

need to fill up more often. Driving to

find a station, filling up and getting

back on route all takes time and

ultimately means less time spent on


In the world of business, the old

saying goes: 'time is money'. If your

drivers could use less fuel, and fill up

less often, they would have more

minutes and hours in the day to spend

doing their job. And when profit

margins are tight, this can equal

further cost improvements.

Fuelcards Can Help Further