diesel directCustomers using our Diesel Direct fuel card can now benefit from a further 279 pumps which have been added to the network, meaning a total of 1790 refuelling locations across the UK accept the Diesel Direct fuel card.

The network expansion includes 57 new HGV accessible sites, over 30 new Scottish pumps and four new truckstops. The remaining sites continue to be suitable for all LCV and car fleets, meaning the Diesel Direct fuel card provides an attractive fuel card solution for most businesses.

Peter Bridgen, Diesel Direct’s MD, said: “The Diesel Direct brand is well established in the HGV sector, and whilst there are still growth opportunities for us in our core transport and logistics market, this continued network expansion is also allowing us to improve our offering to the LCV market.

“The key issues affecting fleet operators in both of these markets are the price of fuel, network convenience, choice and consistency. At Diesel Direct, not only do we work with our customers to make sure they are getting the best commercial fuel prices, but we also work tirelessly to ensure our sites are in the most convenient of locations.

“We are therefore always looking to work with the forecourt network to increase the number of sites we can offer our customers and we are delighted that this means we can offer the largest wholesale priced network on the market.”

The Diesel Direct fuel card from The Fuelcard People provides quality diesel fuel at low, fixed weekly prices applicable at all sites on the Diesel Direct network. The future is smart forecourts, efficient service and better fleet cost management, providing significant savings on your diesel at 1790 pumps nationwide.

For more information on how much you could be saving with a fuel card from The Fuelcard People, call us today on 0844 870 6942, or ask us to call you back here.

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