Roads minister Robert Goodwill has announced a £24 billion investment in improvements for the UK's transport network over the next eight years.

As a result, he is calling on developers and members of the construction profession up and down the country to be prepared for a massive influx of investment into the sector as the government sets out its goals to streamline traffic flows and reduce areas of congestion.

Mr Goodwill commented: "Funding certainty is critical to the construction industry in planning for the future and that is exactly what the government has delivered – with £24 billion secure investment over six years and £50 billion for the strategic road network over the next 15 years."

He added this will be the largest investment in road improvements for the whole of the UK since the 1970s and it is therefore imperative developers have the necessary skilled staff to meet this challenge.

Overall, the scheme is forecast to create upwards of 30,000 jobs across the UK and will make the country's roads both safer and more sustainable in the years to come.


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