Renault has announced its Trafic model is undergoing a revamp this year and will be released to UK buyers by the summer.

Having sold more than 1.6 million units over its 34-year lifespan, the vehicle is undergoing a major overhaul for 2014; with the firm having released a sketch of the new model, focusing on its stunning new styling.

Designer of the new Renault Trafic Kihyun Jung commented: "Its lines embody Renault's new brand identity. My aim was to achieve a dynamic, assertive stance without sacrificing either the robustness or user-friendliness customers expect of their van."

Now in its third generation, the new Trafic will benefit from the manufacturer's experience of competing in Formula 1, bringing a range of performance and sustainability/efficiency enhancements to the table for the relaunch.

The Trafic has been designed to meet the needs of modern business users, while at the same time encompassing the marque's ethos of 'Innovation for a Better Life'.


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