Motorists could save at least £380 a year by sticking with their diesel car, according to vehicle data specialists Cap HPI.

Some diesel motorists are considering the switch to petrol following uncertainty over the government’s stance on driving diesel. However, Cap HPI has warned drivers that doing so could hit their pockets potentially by hundreds of pounds each year.

A new report published by Cap HPI shows how mainstream media questioning diesel’s environmental benefits has resulted in a widespread re-evaluation of attitudes at local, national and international level, despite the considerable cost savings enjoyed by diesel drivers due to the greater fuel efficiency.

For Cap HPI’s managing consultant Matt Freeman, anyone looking to reduce the cost of motoring shouldn’t look any further than diesel, with an £380 annual saving on fuel alone amounting to a £1,140 saving over three years’ motoring.

“With greater fuel efficiency, competitive maintenance costs and higher residual values, diesel vehicles offered real, long-term cost-saving benefits,” he commented.

Although new diesel cars command a higher asking price than their petrol counterparts, it evens out as diesel residual values remain stronger, Mr Freeman added.

He went on to stress that consumers need to make informed decisions, saying: “It’s important for drivers to look at their real-world use of their vehicle and select the right powertrain: if you’re a high-mileage driver, you should still be considering a diesel vehicle because of the better fuel economy.”

Of course, organisations running diesel cars in their fleet can enjoy even stronger fuel savings by taking out a fuel card, which allows access to fixed pump prices at half of Britain’s filling stations. Click here to apply for a fuel card now.

Ben Robb, brand manager at The Fuelcard People, added: “With the launch of hybrids, many motorists may get over-excited at driving new technology but it may deal a nasty blow to their finances.”

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