MileageCount Ultimate

complete fleet management made simple

Today’s professional Fleet Manager has a very complicated job: not only do they have to keep drivers and vehicles on the road, but also tread carefully through a minefield of legislation and green issues, whilst having the pressure of controlling and reducing costs.

They will need to have the answers to many questions:

With a few simple clicks from your laptop or PC, we can help you ensure you can answer these questions and better manage your fleet.

MileageCount Ultimate will give you access at your finger tips to:

  • Full reporting in CSV or Excel format
  • Business & private mileage capture and cost calculation
  • Pay and reclaim for business mileage
  • SMS messaging to drivers requesting mileage data
  • SMS & email driver reminders
  • GPS tracking

Our optional full fleet management package also includes:

  • Duty of care – prompt drivers to check tyre wear etc
  • Driving licence checking – online and automatic
  • Grey fleet management – including MOT, Insurance and Tax checks
  • Designation of diesel or petrol
  • Service intervals and operations – including alerts
  • Maintenance and repair times
  • Wholelife vehicle costs
  • Lubricants and tyres recommendations for each vehicle