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Our top winter

maintenance tips

Get your vehicle's

battery health checked

The cold, winter weather is hard on vehicle battery and charging

systems. Have them checked by a mechanic who can tell you

whether you need to replace your battery. On average, car

batteries last about 5 years before they will need to be replaced.

An old battery won't fully charge properly, and could cause issues

with the electrical systems, and even leave you stranded if there

isn't enough power to start the engine. The RAC attends more call-

outs for batteries than any other problem!


Check your coolant level and ensure

there is sufficient anti-freeze in it

Make sure your coolant level is between the min and max markers

(check your vehicle's handbook for instructions). You also need to

make sure there is sufficient anti-freeze in the coolant. If you've

topped it up at all recently, make sure you haven't forgotten the anti-

freeze. If in doubt, get a garage to check it. Anti-freeze is cheap but

damage from a frozen engine can be very expensive to put right.


Check the condition and

pressure of your tyres

Check the condition of your tyres and make sure the

tread depth is still OK. Also check for damage such as

splits or bulges and check the pressure.

Don't forget

the spare tyre if you have one!

Under inflated, bald, or damaged tyres will not give

you optimum grip. And with the threat of snowy/icy

roads, a lack of grip could easily lead to an accident.

Don't run the risk - check them and replace if needed!